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Is it possible that youth sports are actually destructive to our children?  Are you kids playing the same sport across all of the seasons, and repeating moves over and over and over?  VJ Stanley is deeply passionate about not creating long-term physical issues in our kids and having them play for fun.If you kids love sports or playing an instrument or dancing or even hours of video games, there is clarity and a new direction in the air.
Every youth coach/instructor should listen to VJ and read his book.  Even if there are things you don’t agree with, you will learn a lot and have an opportunity to see youth sports from a different perspective.
VJ is not some enraged, uneducated parent or radical.  He knows coaching inside, outside, forwards and backwards.  And, he is passionate about creating positive change for our kids – which, of course, are our future!
VJ Stanley was a three sport athlete in high school winning All-Star honors and a scoring title as well as being co-captain of two of those teams.  He received his high school’s first ever leadership award. He continued his hockey career in Juniors with All-Star honors and continued his career to Clarkson University, where, unfortunately, his career was ended after receiving two concussions in a week ( his 7th and 8th) and only playing one game.
VJ has a Master’s in Education, a degree in history as well as minor degrees in psychology and philosophy.
He began his coaching career as the youngest high school coach in M.C.H.S.L history, coached hockey for 30 years from the youth level through college, and ended his career with a 21-year stint as the head hockey coach at the University of Rochester.  He received nine Coach of the Year awards, nine championships, and had the playoff trophy renamed in his honor when he retired.
He was a professional stand-up comedian for seven years and has been married to the same wonderful wife, Kathleen, for twenty-five years.  They have two wonderful children,  Clayton and Molly, whose journey through youth sports was the inspiration for writing this book, his speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.
4/27/15I have yet to hear of a 20 year reunion of a modified basketball team.


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