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Changing the Youth Sports Paradigm: Mind + Body = Balanced Excellence
Frozen Shorts is a youth sports consulting company dedicated to long-term athletic development, mental health, and the pure enjoyment of playing youth sports for fun. Its mission is to engage children through youth sports by having them play for fun with balanced excellence.
This week's blog: "Homeschool Your Kids in Youth Sports: Bring the Backyard Back!"
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I'm sure you'll find this surprising but you were a very big hit last night.  Had I known that you were going to be so good I would have given you more time! Lots and lots of positive feedback about you so thanks for stealing our thunder!  They didn't care about anything else but, "VJ was good."  Yes, I will invite you to a board meeting as long as you promise to sit in the back of the room! Thanks again, you made quite an impression. - Brian Gardinier, President ILL
VJ's Balanced Excellence Quote of the Week!
7/14/14: Does a teacher spend more time with a really smart kid or the kid who needs the most help?

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