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Changing the Youth Sports Paradigm: Mind + Body = Balanced Excellence
Frozen Shorts is a youth sports consulting company dedicated to long-term athletic development, mental health, and the pure enjoyment of playing youth sports for fun. Its mission is to engage children through youth sports by having them play for fun with balanced excellence.
This week's blog: "Let The Dream Take Her As Far As It Can"
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"This is a breath of fresh air. I wish every parent and youth coach could review this concept and consider its implications for a healthier approach ... at least as it applies to the youngest children in sports." - Jeffrey Halik, APR, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development at The Bonadio Group, on VJ's blog "Trophies for Everyone"
VJ's Balanced Excellence Quote of the Week!
11/24/14:  The brain does not know the difference in what sport you are playing


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