Of all the gifts we can give our Mom on Mother’s day the best gift, and by far the best gift, is time. It is the one thing that cannot be bought but has incredible value. Actually, it is priceless. It is the one thing that shows commitment, thoughtfulness, and love. Every MOM desires, wants, and needs your time because they have wrapped their heart and soul into family. The time you give to them makes them feel good. The time spent with them creates memories. Moms live for experiences that are turned into memories. It is the one gift that keeps on giving. Your MOM knows that time can never be replaced or duplicated. It is finite and slipping away by the day.

 BUT time keeps on giving as she will have memories of your time together that will far outweigh any material present. There may be reasons that I do not understand that make it difficult for you to reach out to your MOM and tell her you love her, and I am truly sorry for that. But if you can find it in your heart to reach out, it will make her day, now and forever. I know, I can’t say I love you to my MOM today and I think about it every day. Miss you MOM. Love you forever. At 60 I am still a MOMAS boy and proud of it. PEACE