1% of 1% of kids who play sports go pro. Its a race that doesn’t exist. Its like playing the lottery to win! Just heard a kid say he wanted to play for his HS over club team so he could hear the fans from his school and talk to his friends and classmates about the game in school the next day. The kids inherently want to experience life skills! Ever seen a 2nd grade teacher with a Masters degree try to get her kids to line up properly to go to gym or lunch? Now you want to tell me that there is a realistic and not adult made up elite 2nd grade travel sports? Parents: ever had an older child take something from a younger child? Ever had them share? Which do you have to teach them to do more often, to be competitive or to get along? The best learning environment is when the teacher and the student learn together, and both share that knowledge with others who have the same or less ability. It’s called community, and it is very important for later on in life coping skills. Sometimes you have to treat the symptom to relax the patient first. Then we treat the disease. We need more tolerance and inclusion, not eliteness and exclusion