It is why equal play is so important for prepuberty kids. We call it our EPUT project. We advocate equal play under ten for all kids. Will it happen? That is truly not the point. We want the discussion about why, in 2016, this could be a sound alternative for kids quitting youth sports. We believe it could affect the obesity and Type II diabetes problem by giving these kids an environment in which they can stay active and have fun.  There are many other reasons why this is a good idea. They all need the base first.  They must build a reservoir of positive experiences.  They must not fear trying new and creative things on the youth sports teams they play on.

 Kids need and WANT to try different things; this allows them to do it in a safe environment without adults’ egos coming into play. This also explains why pickup games are so important.  If the atmosphere on their youth sports team is filled with a “winning is most important” atmosphere or even trying to teach how important winning and losing are, the players do not build that reservoir with positive reinforcement. The memories from the Amygdala are not positive. The pickup game inherently has an atmosphere that builds up their positive reservoir because the children are relaxed but still competitive.  They have fun, they play better, they get better, they are healthier and winning and losing takes a back seat to the enjoyment and the journey of playing with friends.