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Equality or Me-Too-Ism

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Published: Monday, 07 March 2016

In Psychology, women, for the most part are smarter than men. We judge intelligence by the firing of the synapse between the corpus callosums. In this measure, women’s synapse fire faster therefore they are of higher intelligence. A fact my wonderful wife is keenly aware of. I have said to my wife on many occasions, if we are going to be equal you will have to dummy down, and I don’t think you want that.

There is a new mantra in society that I see growing with increased velocity. It is called “me-too-ism.” Yes I know this is not a word, I just made it up. This word has taken the place of equality for many people whether they realize it or not. People who feel oppressed and see little hope for the future want to vent their frustrations. They look to latch on to someone or something they feel makes them feel superior. Not better, superior.

The justification for wanting something someone else has, or is perceived to have is rampant. It is not jealousy as we have known it in the past. This new brand has a degree of I am better than you along with the dreaded I am not satisfied with what I have mentality. I need more that I have whether it is material or psychological.

As for the athletes and spousal abuse, in as much as teams value players GAME IQ it wouldn’t matter unless they are a great athlete. They have been coddled and told what a great athlete they are for years. When doubt rears its ugly head it is their athleticism 9 out of 10 times that get s them out of trouble or to glory. They are getting paid first and foremost because they are an exceptional athlete.

Just because a woman is smaller is no reason to take advantage of that with your size, strength, or status. It should be protected and nurtured. We are all on the same team.

 We need to get along and help each other. It does not mean we can’t be friendly rivals or compete hard against each other. Heck, I am more inclined to try harder to beat my friend in a sports contest that someone I don’t know. They are just another game on the schedule. But rivalries, well, now you have my attention.

I have said on many occasions; you will never be happy with what you want until you are satisfied with what you have. That life lesson maybe one of the two or three most important behaviors we model for our children’s future.

School Teachers as Coaches

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Published: Monday, 29 February 2016


I have been married to a teacher for the last 25 years. I witness firsthand the tremendous pressure they work under on a day to day basis. The ridiculous “Common Core” that assumes the mantra that teachers should be robots controlled by the State dictated pre programmed written curriculum. Students should be tested continually for what they learn to determine both the teachers and students aptitude. NO!

I have spent parts of the last decade in the classroom and 21 years as a head college coach and I am here to tell you that teachers do not have it easy by any stretch. They want to teach. They are creative. They want to help the less educated see “the light.” Many many teachers are frustrated by the environment in which administrators and parents think that they should control the way teachers teach. But I digress.

Many teachers who coach youth and high school sports change dramatically when they get to coach. I am not sure whether it is because of the frustration of their jobs. Could it be they watch all these DI and pro games and simply mimic the coaches’ behavior and strategies? Might it be partly because of the pay for play mentality that parents have put so much extrinsic financial pressure on their child’s athletic journey that they want a return on their investment?

Teacher after teacher I see mismanage kids who play sports for them to such an extent that if they ever tried that in their classrooms they would be fired. The very thing that works for them in the classroom is dismissed by them as soon as they start to coach.

Teachers spend more time in class with the students who need help, not the gifted ones. They don’t yell at the students who are talking tests. Do they yell at the parents who come and question what they are doing in the classroom?

I would like to see teachers band together and reinstitute the higher moral ground in coaching that exemplifies what they do in the classroom. Then, I would like the administrators back them up and tell the parents to stop all the nonsense that has contributed to the escalation of negative stress in youth and high school sports.

I am not saying it doesn’t happen with other adults in other professions when they get the “whistle.” It does. But I am wondering why the teachers, who know a different way, a better way for the children to develop and learn, choose to ignore their training and success in the classroom.

It all starts with EPUT. Equal play under 10.That stops the angst to a very high degree. There are some fantastic opportunities to coach life skills, accountability, fun and trust with equal play that many try to dismiss. There is no data to back that up. Play for fun!

The Brain and the Body in Balance

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Published: Monday, 22 February 2016

 Brain and body

When you go to kindergarten do you take one course all day every day? When you are in middle school do you take one course all day every day? When you are in high school do you take one course all day every day? When you are in undergraduate in college do you take one course every day all day? Only in grad school do you start to specialize. The brain and the body need to be connected in balance. End of lesson.

John Calipari and knowing how to win

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Published: Monday, 15 February 2016

After the loss to Kansas, Coach John Calipari told the press:"We had our chances in regulation," Calipari said. "What I told them after is, I've got to do a better job of teaching these kids how to win. They do not know how to win a game." . Of course they don’t.. Do you know why? Because no one knows how to win, nobody. Nobody knows how to teach winning. On some occasions winning a game sends a confusing message when you have not played well.

 His kids have to concentrate on what they are doing every second they are out on the court. They cannot concentrate on the task at hand and still say to themselves “If I do this the team will win, that’s what coach taught us.”

I understand what John meant, but I take great exception to the message sent to youth and high school coaches everywhere by this statement. It’s like when people said Derek Jeter knew how to win.

Let me explain. For those of you who have been to one of my presentations or read some of my blogs, you know John Calipari is front and center in a portion of our talks.

Three years ago Kentucky won a national championship. 2 years ago they did not even make the tournament. Am I to believe that over the summer, after they won the championship, he forgot how to win? Did he forget how to teach how to win? Last year, he got his team all the way to the final four. In the semi-final game his team lost. Once again, at that horrible place and time did he forget how to win?

This year his team has struggled to some extent. He still has awesome talent on the roster but they just aren’t jelling as he would like. He has commented about their lack of consistency and development.

 I want to say at this point during last season he basically went with a platoon system. If one group wasn’t doing well, the next group came in and played. Play by performance by group. It worked. The interterm competition between the players for EARNED playing time lifted the whole team up. Every one runs faster when they are being chased.

I am not saying that he could have duplicated it this year with this roster. BUT>>>>

How’s your way working so far????

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