Hi. Most of my blogs have to do with a problem in youth sports, the reason for the problem, and frozenshorts solution to the problem.
                What I would like to talk about today is thankfulness. In the hectic world that we live in and with the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy upon those on the east coast, I think for most of us it is time to give thanks for what we have, and what is really important.
                I wanted to bring a thought home to you for you to mull around in your mind.  The children we care so very much for are our future in this world. I would like you to think of how we model the behavior we would like them to have and then to teach their children a beneficial behavior for future generations.
                I would ask you to look across the field, rink, and court, as you go to your sporting or family event this holiday season, and try to see the other person’s life for a minute. Are they really that much different than you? Are they going through a struggle in life, whether it is financial, work related, or in their personal life that affects the way they see the world and then react to it.
                Whatever the reason most everyone you see is fighting some kind of battle. It could be the family who put all their hope in the athletic future of their child without understanding the undue pressure it put on their children and the residual resentment it fostered toward them.
                It may be someone cutting you off in traffic and you overreacting because of the day to day [pressure you feel. Maybe what you don’t see is that they have out of state plates and are lost. It could be they are just rude and obnoxious and you feel the need to lash out at them and teach them a lesson.
What I ask of you during this holiday season, is if you can see it in your heart and mind to look at a stressful situation and try, I know it is very difficult, and smile. Think of how much we have to be thankful for. Think of how many people have it worse than we do during this season. And yes I know you have heard this request before and you really don’t give it much thought.
                But what is different is I am asking you to take a look at your child, and simply ask them what they would like for a present from you. Tell them no matter what they say to you will not be upset, and mean it. Make sure that you are not so offended and put it in your rolodex of things that you resent and bring it back up to them on a later date. When you hear their request, take it to heart. They are children and we can learn so much from them, really.
You have heard me talk about the three things children need the most: safety, love, and fun. Let’s try and see the world through our children’s eyes, mind, and heart. Let’s try and look at people who annoy us and think of their troubled journey and not the disruption of yours. If possible, try and find some humor in what is happening not angst. It is not easy, but look at how the easy way is working for people who are upset all the time and carry one. Let’s be thankful their life is not yours.
Let’s try and feel good about ourselves and our children. Not excited or really happy, just simply content as to where they are in their journey. It is a process and if when they tell you what they would like and they smile, please smile too.
I am truly thankful for my wife and children. My wife makes me a better person and I lover more now than the day I married her 20 years ago. My son is doing fine in college and has shown great growth and maturity, my daughter has just decided as a senior in high school that she no longer wants to be a veterinarian and that is fine. I see her more relaxed and open to learning for the joy of learnings sake. We just finished dinner and as I looked around the dining room table at the three of them I realized how very fortunate I am and how blessed we all are.
Thank you..Peace