Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports is Changing the Way We Approach Youth Sports


V.J. Stanley is an ex-college hockey and youth sports coach for over twenty years. He has written a book on youth sports called Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports: Achieving Balanced Excellence and Health while Embracing the Value of Play for Fun.


In this book which came out in e-book form in  July of 2012, and paperback in January 2013, V.J. identifies the main problems facing children, parents, coaches, and organizations participating in youth sports today.


V.J.’s mantra of play for fun through balanced excellence offers basic fundamental solutions to the ever growing stress involved in participating in youth sports.


 The importance of equal play for all pre puberty children, and play by performance for athletes over thirteen years of age, is explained and compared to all life’s activities.

You can watch a video presentation on V.J.’s website (for all the kids who sit on the bench needlessly) and see the paradigm put into play.