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This is a story about a high school hockey coach. I ran into this person when I was called to help a youth sports coach solve a problem on his team. While waiting for his team to come off the ice, I noticed this high school coach with a serious look on his face standing at the arena door, scowling. Previously, I had been told that he was a great guy and that everyone likes this guy. I was stunned when he spoke. He cursed the team practicing on the ice and cursed at them, saying they should get off the ice. He turned away in disgust and headed back into his locker room.
When it came time for his team to take the ice for the game, he purposefully held them back in the locker room, until, eventually, two different people had to go back to the locker room and tell him that it was time to get on the ice. Just before he let his team go on the ice, one of the officials started to leave the ice to go get him and his team.

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